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Working Out Pregnant

Let me start by saying what you read here does not replace the knowledge and guidance of your healthcare professionals, so please be smart and if you have questions or concerns ask them. Let me also add that while I am no where near instagram-fitness-model level, I have been very active since I was a young child and fitness is not only part of my personal life but it has also been part of my professional life for many years.

When I got pregnant with Asher I really didn’t miss a beat with working out until 20 w. I kept up with regular running and lifting, paying mind to how I was feeling and being sure to listen to my body. I stopped running at 20 weeks at the advice of a doctor in my OB’s practice who was filling in during an appointment. I regret stopping so early but as a new mom I was terrified something would go wrong with baby so I listened. Though I had stopped running, I continued to lift and do low impact cardio at the gym up until the day I went into labor.

A couple awesome pregnant gym selfies a la 1st pregnancy

With this pregnancy I also wanted to continue working out as long as possible and even competed in a half marathon at 8 weeks. I had planned to run another but resigned to just the 5k a month later. Before long though the weather got colder, the holiday hustle and bustle picked up and before I knew it, I was an exhausted whale juggling a toddler and life and truthfully working out took a back burner. During this time I noticed a few things: 1. I was more tired 2. my eating wasn’t as great as I would have liked and 3. I was cranky. Very, very cranky!!

Half-Oct 2015

After the holidays came to a close I was ready to get back to it. So here I am just a few weeks back into the whole “fitness thing” and I thought I’d pass along some of my thoughts for preggo fitness because I fully support and enjoy staying active while growing a little one.

1. Be aware of the weather conditions. For instance it is freakin’ freezing outside and the few runs I have done recently have kind of sucked to be honest. Not because of the whole running aspect, but mostly because I hate the cold. Don’t let the weather derail you, but just as advised when not pregnant, dress for the weather.

2. Even though your brain might think you’re not pregnant, you most certainly are, so listen to your body. My mind tells me I can just pop in some ear buds and go run 5 miles with no problem, while my big ol’ belly and lack of lung space tell me I need to walk every so often. Don’t be afraid to work hard but pay extra attention to what your body is telling you.

Sometimes you look pretty rough after working out :/

3. Pay extra mind to safety. Taking a tumble while doing plyos not pregnant isn’t a huge deal. Sure you’ll be sore but you’ll survive. That same tumble, though, could be a big deal if it happens while pregnant. So be safe! You can still work up a great sweat with your feet mostly planted.

4. Stay hydrated. Your need for water increases when pregnant anyway so be sure to add more to the days you’re working up a sweat. I have this water bottle and make it a goal to drink four a day.

5. Don’t let lack of equipment stop you from getting active. With Asher I had an afternoon/evening job and lots of time to myself so I went to the gym every day. But this time around I work out during my lunch break or while hanging out with Asher and the hubs. I use my trusty weights and all this extra body weight to get things taken care of.

My most recent “at home gym”

And lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Work out when you can, manage life when you need to and don’t stress when you decide to watch Netflix instead of sweat. I mean it’s called balance right?

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