Toddler Gardening
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Toddler Gardening

When we moved into our house we were lucky to find that the previous owners had a small garden. My first two summers in the house I managed a pretty decent garden and really enjoyed watching the fruits (well mostly veggies) of my labor. After Asher was born I attempted a garden but it was an overwhelming task to manage and never produced anything but weeds.

Now that Asher is older he has become very interested in helping with everything and so I decided we’d try our hand at a garden again this year and see how it goes. Last week I purchased the seeds, seedling pots, and soil and Asher and I planted our seeds that will be transported to the outside garden bed in a few weeks. I went into this activity expecting it to be a giant mess but he actually did really well at transferring the dirt to the pots.

Asher had so much fun putting the seeds into the pots and watering them when it was all said and done. He asks each day to “wadda veggies?” so I think he will do pretty good once summer roles around. 

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