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TBT: The Pregnant Mama-to-be

I don’t typically participate in the #TBT posts on social media but this Thursday I find myself being pretty nostalgic so I thought why not? So this throw back Thursday is in honor of a chubbier, baby-growing, naive, mama-to-be, me. It is so hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years since I was pregnant?! Sometimes I feel like I should still be allowed to use the “sorry I just had a baby” excuse to explain the condition of my house or the fact that I haven’t gotten out of my pjs yet and it’s past noon.

I can recall being pregnant and spending countless hours daydreaming about being a mom. Thinking about the delivery of our little bundle (which would be blissfully easy and show my womanly power of course) and cuddling my tiny baby (with me fully rested, with combed hair, a clean house, and jeans on). The days were filled with tummy rubbing, wondering what the baby would look like and all sorts of nesting. I was certain that my over the top organization would mean I could just bring a baby into the house and everything would run smoothly. After all, everything had a home and dang-it I had deep cleaned even the baseboards!

Well some of  my hopes became a reality, I did spend 50 hours enduring crazy pain to bring that squish into the world so I certainly claim my womanly power, but nothing for 50 hours is ever blissful, especially not trying to push out a child with a 99% head! And boy did I ever (and still do) cuddle my little man! I am blessed that he is a mama’s boy and that he loves cuddling. But most of the time I am not fully rested, my hair is in a messy bun, the house is mostly clean, and chances are I am in some sort of yoga or athletic inspired clothing.

Motherhood hasn’t been the catalog perfect image I had in my head but my sticky child loves me and seems to love life and my husband tolerates the never ending yoga pants and the occasional takeout so really I am living the good life. Happy Thursday friends!!

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