• Moving out of the baby phase can be a season of motherhood that is full of emotions

    Moving Beyond Babyhood

    This past summer has been a really big summer for our little Ellery, we are, without question, fully into toddler days. It feels like in April or May of this year she was still, what I would consider, a baby or at least had a foot still solidly in babyhood. Sure she was almost two years old, but she was still pretty dependent on me, wanted to be wrapped or held nearly all the time,  was not talking very clearly and had just became confident in her own footing with walking. She still seemed so baby-like, or maybe it was the second child syndrome where they seem younger for longer,…

  • Favorite toys for a one year
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    Favorite Toys for One Year Olds

    A friend of mine recently asked me for advice on what to get for a baby’s first birthday. This sweet friend just recently married and doesn’t yet have kids but she loves on many kids in her life around her and she will be attending a close friend’s baby girl’s first birthday soon. So in honor of her request I decided to come up with a list of my favorite toys for both of my littles at or around one year old. You can find all sorts of recommendations for this age online but here is a list of our favorites. Personally, as a parent, I prefer open-ended toys, toys…

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    Asher Toddler Update

    It has been far too long since I have given an update on or dedicated a post to where Asher is these days so I thought it was time to share some info on toddler Asher. Asher is coming up on 2 1/2 this October. He is just over 30 pounds and who knows how long but it is certainly long. His feet are now hitting my knees when I hold him. He is still long and lean and could still fit into his 18 month clothes if it wasn’t for his length. He is mostly wearing 2T and some 3T clothes (thank God for the whomever invented the toddler…

  • Construction themed birthday party
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    2 Year Old Construction Birthday Party

    It feels far to official now…I am the mother of a two year old! Over the weekend we had his official birthday party. I waited until mid-month because I was hoping to have better weather so we could move the party outside and we were very blessed with B-E-A-utiful weather this weekend! The party theme this year was construction based on my son’s love of all forms of construction equipment. I really wanted to make it as eventful for Asher as I could so after he went to sleep Friday night I hung all the decorations and when he woke up Saturday morning he was so excited! He kept pointing…

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    Two Years Ago

    Tomorrow my baby turns two. TWO!? I know in ten years, his first few years of life will be a meshed together memory but right now as I watch my one-year-old-for-only-another-day baby run around, I can’t help but feel like come Wednesday he will be heading off to college.  Recently, while at dinner with the hub’s childhood friend, I mentioned how bittersweet it is to watch your little one grow up. Our friend chuckled and said “now I don’t have kids, so maybe I just don’t know, but don’t you want him to grow up?” I couldn’t help but laugh at how crazy moms can get when it comes to…

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    Easter 2016: Toddler Edition

    So it might be a Friday and I might just now be getting around to finally publishing our Easter recap. Whoops, but hey it happens. This year we started our celebration off with dinner with the hub’s family on Saturday evening. The night included a small egg hunt for Asher which he loved. Come Sunday morning I was woken up early by a cute little boy demanding pancakes (he got waffles). We didn’t head to church but Asher and I did read our Easter book. I am not sure how much he absorbed but he points out Jesus in the book so I will call it a success. Before long…

  • Toddler Gardening
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    Toddler Gardening

    When we moved into our house we were lucky to find that the previous owners had a small garden. My first two summers in the house I managed a pretty decent garden and really enjoyed watching the fruits (well mostly veggies) of my labor. After Asher was born I attempted a garden but it was an overwhelming task to manage and never produced anything but weeds. Now that Asher is older he has become very interested in helping with everything and so I decided we’d try our hand at a garden again this year and see how it goes. Last week I purchased the seeds, seedling pots, and soil and…

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    Farewell Nursery, Hello Toddler Room

    Happy mid week folks! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Our weekend was both restful and productive, which was amazing and welcomed because our house has fallen into shambles over the last week and I was nearing insanity. Early last week our dryer just decided to stop working without any warning and we’ve also dove into a few new projects to get the house ready for our newest little member. Rough week or not, I was not letting go of our plans to pack up the car and make a day trip to the nearest IKEA. Like most woman in the world, I love Ikea! I slowly walk…

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    Easy Toddler Fun: Winter Edition

    As you may have noticed, I am not a huge fan of the cold, winter months. Sure I appreciate the spirit and beauty of snow prior to and closely around Christmas time but once New Years rolls around I am all about moving straight into spring and weather that makes going outside enjoyable. We have been blessed with a few random 60 degree days recently but overall we have been trapped indoors most of this winter. I am a huge supporter of easy activities that keep little ones occupied and so here are a few of my recent successes. 1. Bubble Wrap Jumping: This was an activity that started out…

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    The 5 Stages of Getting a Toddler to Nap

    Nap time, or really any get your toddler to sleep time, can be harder than wrestling an alligator. Unlike the way us adults work (ie: tired + place and time to sleep = sleeping) little ones falling to sleep is a delicate balance of when and where. I will be honest, prior to becoming a mom myself I would roll my eyes at those parents who speedily packed up their life and rushed off when their children started yawning. At the time I was thinking “seriously nap time has to happen right this second?!”. When truthfully I was ignorant to the beast a tired, fighting sleep child can become. Recently…