• Stress Free Thanksgiving Planning
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    4 Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

    The holidays are upon us! Believe it or not Halloween is next week?! Though it feels like everyone is jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas, there is another scrumptious holiday in there we can’t forget about.  Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to gather with our people over a delicious meal. A time to reflect on the last year and soak up our many blessings. It is meant to be a time of relaxation, fellowship and re-connection with those we hold most dear.  Maybe you play host or maybe you travel with your contributions tucked neatly in Tupperware. Perhaps your family enjoys some after-meal football watching or maybe an all-night/early morning…

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    The New Year and “One Year, One Organized Home”

    Happy New Year. It’s officially 2013 and with the new year comes new things for this little corner of the blog world. I will be beginning the first series posting here on Knot to Nest. I am really excited for this series and hope you enjoy it too. The series is titled “One Year, One Organized Home”. Over the next year I will be diving into every area of home and life to find a more organized way of getting by. Each post will include tips, tricks, supplies, etc and hopefully you’ll be inspired to tackle a few projects yourself. Happy New Year Years friends! Stay tuned, the first post…

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    DIY Wedding Advice

    So today I was at Micheals purchasing some last minute pieces for our wedding when a woman stopped me and asked if I was much of a DIY bride and when I responded “oh yes!” she then asked me if I did save the dates and if so where? how much? etc. I preceded to share with her my successes and failures as a DIY bride and thankfully she seemed to get some good advice. This encounter has led me to this post. For some it will be a wall of words, but for those of you who read it, I hope you get some good tips to smooth your…