• Letter to my breastfeeding toddler
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    A Letter To My Breastfeeding Toddler

    To my sweet, nearly 3 year old, breastfeeding toddler: Would you have believed, almost 3 years ago, that you’d still be breastfeeding today? Probably! In fact, you probably never imaged NOT breastfeeding. You might not realize it, but our journey in nursing started off a bit non-traditional due to your short NICU stay. But even after a tumultuous birth you came out ready for milk. I was so worried nursing would be difficult due to your birth but you latched, fed, burped and fell fast asleep. After that first session, there was no turning back.  In no time, you and I were a cohesive milkin’ team. As a baby, you…

  • Learning to live in the moment
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    Letting Go of the Need to be Busy

    “Mama what are we doing tomorrow?”, “Mama, where are we going next?”  These were the questions my four year old was routinely asking each day that made me realize our family was just too busy.  After our second was born, and I was no longer working full time, it didn’t take long before our days were filled with library events, trips to the zoo or children’s museum, or to the park… all on top of our normal errands.  While of course we enjoyed these trips and adventures, it led to a feeling that we always had to be “doing something”. So much so, that even on days when we should…

  • Don't let mom guilt ruin your motherhood journey. Learn how to re frame those thoughts and move forward
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    The Curse of Mom Guilt

    Perhaps you have heard the phrase “mom guilt”, “mental load” or “the mental load of motherhood”. The Mental Load is a term that refers to all the ‘stuff’ moms are always carrying around each day: the stuff we are thinking about, planning, handling, and doing to keep our family’s lives going. Over the next few weeks, I want to dive deep into the Mental Load of Motherhood. What does it mean? What does it include for me? For you? What does the weight of it do to us as moms? And how can we overcome this load to better serve ourselves and our families?  Moms Tell Me the Biggest Contributor…

  • When your first born goes to pre-k

    My First Baby Is Starting Pre-K

    The time has come. I am officially a mom with a child in ‘school’ as Asher has started pre-k. It may only be three days a week for less than three hours but he takes a book bag and has teachers, so we’re calling it! This new chapter is a bittersweet reminder that time is a cruel beast and our babies must grow up. In the weeks leading up to his first day of pre-k, I have struggled with an array of emotions. While I have tried working through these feelings of sadness and bittersweet excitement for him, I have spent countless nights reminiscing over the last four years. While…

  • Breastfeeding journey
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    World Breastfeeding Week: My Story

    It is World Breastfeeding Week and I thought it would be fun to share a bit of my experience and my bumpy journey of breastfeeding. For me once I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed but the journey to actually breastfeed was not as easy as the decision to do so. After a long labor with Asher, breastfeeding didn’t come as easily for me as I had hoped.   I delivered Asher after 50 hours of hard, exhausting labor. I hadn’t eaten in two days and had slept only 2 hours, BUT after he was here all that was a mere memory and he and I dove into our…

  • Deciding when to start your child in kindergarten

    Alternative Kindergarten Options?

    Summer is sadly, starting to wind down. Stores have already started clearance-ing their summer stock and begun hauling out all the school supplies and soon kiddos will be heading back to school.  For our family, this will be the first year we have a child in school. Asher will be attending a pre-K program at our church for 2 1/2 hours, three days per week. A few weeks ago we received his supply list and the date for “Meet The Teacher” night. To fuel his excitement, we made it an event of going to let him pick out his book bag (Paw Patrol of course) and having him help find…

  • First Marathon Race Recap
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    Running My First Marathon

    I posted a bit ago about how I trained for my first marathon and I wanted to take some time to finally share the race experience with you.  The Week Before: In the process of looking up and researching tips, tricks, and advice for running your first marathon, I stumbled across a ‘warning’ of sorts. This ‘warning’ mentioned that runners may feel more anxiety and stress the week leading up to the race itself. You may begin to doubt your training and second guess the whole thing. Add that to decrease in training from taper (ie: way more time on my hands than before) and it spelled a recipe for…

  • Motherhood

    Hello Friends!

    Over the last few weeks I have been pouring into this blog again in hopes of making it a place I can connect with other moms and women. I am so excited to build this blog into a space for sharing with others, the wonderful journey of motherhood and the silly, amazing, stressful, craziness of it all. In light of my new followers (yay! and welcome!) I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Justina and I am a mom of two super rambunctious little ones and wife to a pretty stellar guy. Our littles are Asher, 4 and Ellery, 2 and they are master mess…

  • Intentional goal planning
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    Intentional Goal Planning With Lara Casey Power Sheets

    I have always been a person that thrives with a to-do list but I am also a person who always feels the need to do ALL the things. Because of these quirky character traits of mine, in the past, I have struggled with sticking to my goals. I have always been motivated by the momentum goal planning and the new beginning of the new year. I would often come up a million and one things I  was certain to get done in the coming year. I always felt driven and excited and I would carefully write my goals out somewhere…a journal, this blog, etc. And then, like many others, I…

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    How I Turned My Lonely Day Around

    A few weekends ago the hubs went out of town from early Saturday morning until late Sunday night. With him leaving so early Saturday the kids and I saw him last at bedtime Friday night.  I have never been a person who is able to sit still and with the hubs out of town, I felt the need to do something with friends or family. Something that would provide fun for my kiddos and a little adult conversation for me. So, I reached out to a few girlfriends and even my mom but everyone was busy and so it was just me and the littles for the weekend. Now for…