• Simple and affordable Christmas decoration storage ideas. Save time and energy next year.
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    Simple and Affordable Christmas Decor Organization

    It probably seems a bit strange to be talking about Christmas 2019 already, but I promise this isn’t a wacky, Christmas forever, type of post. Rather, I want to show you how a few simple changes in Christmas decor packing can help you actually enjoy the process of decking the halls next year. Yesterday we spent the morning taking down and packing away all of our Christmas decorations. And I will tell you, if there is one place in my life that I am not minimal, it is Christmas. I love turning our home into a festive, winter wonderland, but that also means sorting through multiple large totes of decorations.…

  • Open-ended toy recommendations for toddlers
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    Open-ended Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

    After nearly a week of unexplained coughing and feeling pretty crummy, I am finally back to continue the Holiday Toy Series. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out:  5 Benefits of Open-ended Toys Open-ended Gift Guide for Babies It is officially Christmas season and that means, for many, gift shopping is getting underway. If you are looking for ideas on what to get your toddlers, then you’ve come to the right place! Toddler life… such a fun yet exhausting time of early parenthood. It is a time when our littles one are more mobile, more opinionated, and starting to dive into the world of imaginative play. This is…

  • Open-ended Christmas gift ideas for baby
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    Open-ended Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

    Ah…the first Christmas! What a fun time for new parents. Whether your baby is fresh from oven or nearly a year old, the first Christmas is great fun.  I can recall being so excited for each of the kids’ first Christmases but also wondering to myself “What do you get a child that just likes to chew on their socks and poop their pants?” The Easiest Christmas The truth is, the first Christmas is the easiest. Babies are truly happy with an empty box and a crumbled wrapping paper. BUT if you are looking for ideas for your little bundle of festive cuteness below are some great, open-ended ideas.  Open…

  • Easy DIY pretend Christmas Tree
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    A Christmas Tree for Kids

    Christmas is, hands down, my FAVORITE holiday of the year and I am always looking for new ways to make the holiday season fun for the kiddos. After watching my littles enjoy decorating the Christmas tree so much this year, I decided to put a small tree up in their playroom for them to decorate over and over again.  I purchased a small tree from Walmart and ornaments from the dollar tree. The dollar tree usually carries a wide variety of plastic ornaments that are safe for little hands.  Both kids really enjoyed a tree that was theirs! They loved getting to be in charge of the placement of each…

  • Christmas Tree Decorating
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    Decorating the Christmas Tree 2017

    I love, L.O.V.E Christmas! It is my favorite time of the year! I have been so excited to bring all of the decorations out of the attic and start transforming our home into a winter wonderland.  If it were me I would have decorations up long before Thanksgiving but the hubs insists we adequately celebrate Thanksgiving first. But don’t worry the tree went up the day after Thanksgiving! This time of the year is filled with traditions and putting up the tree and decorating is one of my favorite! It is amazing how such a small tradition can make for the greatest memories.  Over the years, the Hubs and I…

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    Christmas 2013

    I am a little late to this holiday update [per the usual] but for good reason this time. We just finished up our Christmas celebration two days ago so I have been waiting until all the festivities were finished to post about it. This holiday season snuck up on me faster than any others in recent memory, but I still really enjoyed this last week of celebrations with friends and family. Hope you enjoy my picture walk-through our holiday fun.  Our silver and white Christmas tree equipped with the hubs favorite holiday decor piece…the train! Handmade stockings for my little family! Kraft paper wrapped Christmas gifts are my favorite! The…

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    Christmas Picture Fun

    In true holiday-loving form I have been excited about our Christmas cards for some time now and two weeks ago when we got our first bit of cover-the-ground-and-make-everything-pretty snow I knew it was time to drag dear hubs outside and snap some Christmas-y pictures. Thankfully the hubs was a real trooper and spent nearly an hour outside in the cold with me snapping pictures. I decided to just use our DSLR camera to snap these photos to see what we ended up with. Even though Hubs wasn’t a fan of the cold, we had some fun out in the snow. I sure do love this man! And what’s the fun…

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    Christmas Storage

    Let me begin by apologizing for the delay in my first post of this series. The local winter bug made its way through our household this last week putting all to-do’s on hold. Thankfully the family has recovered and here I am with the first post. So as it is the beginning of January it is time to begin taking down and storing away all the Christmas decor we all spent so much time putting up. As it is that these pieces only come out of storage once a year, it is vital to store them in an organized way to avoid days filled with tangled lights, broken ornaments, and…

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    Christmas 2012

    Let me begin by saying my husband is a saint for dealing with me during the Holidays. I am a sucker for this time of year and, as first time home homeowners, I couldn’t wait to spill Christmas spirit all over the place. So to you oh-hubby of mine…thank you for climbing up on our roof to put up those lights.  ……………………………………………………………………… So let me take you on a virtual holiday walk through of our home. Our front door is decorated with my very first Christmas wreath.  I decorated our front table with our Christmas card display and hubby tried his hand at some festive chalkboard art.  The Christmas tree…