• Third pregnancy bumpdate. 6 months pregnant with third baby.
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    6 Months Pregnant Bumpdate

    At the start of this pregnancy, it felt like this we were moving slowly. Each day I was worried for our little one’s safety. After Ellery’s birth, being pregnant this go-around has been filled with a higher degree of worry and anxiety around this pregnancy. I struggled to not give in to worry during the first trimester, but things have improved now that I am 6 months pregnant. Each time I feel her little body squirm I am reminded of the miracle that she, and her siblings, truly are. I will continue to trust and have faith that this little lady will be perfect! At 6 months pregnant, we are…

  • 8 months pregnant
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    Baby Two Bumpdate: 8 Months

    How Far Along: 8 months Feeling Physically: Oh man, these last few days have been rough. For starters, I feel like a whale! Also, our little lady is now head down (yay) but that means kicks to the ribs and knee bumps to the abdomen. It is getting cramped in there and sometimes I wonder how she will continue to have room to grow! Feeling Mentally: Being a toddler mom has me exhausted (what’s new right?). Otherwise, I am feeling great. We have had some amazing weather here recently and the grass is green and the trees are blooming so my mood is great.  Maternity Clothes: Yes! Sleeping Well?: See…

  • 7 months pregnant. Pregnancy number two
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    Bumpdate: 7 Months

    How Far Along: 7 months! Say what!? Feeling Physically: I am feeling huge! Even though I feel like a walking whale though, I still feel pretty good physically! I am feeling pretty energetic and that has been useful considering the toddler I have to chase around. The hip/sacrum pain has subsided for the most part. I have done some research and learned it is likely a combination of how little lady is positioned and good ol’ hormones and since it isn’t a daily thing anymore I haven’t sought treatment. Feeling Mentally: Great! Even though I am officially in the 3rd trimester I still have the second-trimester energy so I feel…

  • 6 months pregnant
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    Baby Two Bumpdate: 6 Months

    How Far Along: 6 months Feeling Physically: I feel okay most of the time. Over the last month or so I have had some hip and pelvic pain. It comes and goes but when it comes…yikes! Feeling Mentally: Work has been slow which has allowed me to get caught up on some home to-do’s and I am feeling great watching my list get shorter and shorter Maternity Clothes: Yes Sleep: I have been sleeping well recently but waking still pretty tired. Asher is blessing us with great, full nights of sleep and I am afraid I might be over sleeping (good problem to have though) Missing Anything: Still warm weather.…

  • 5 months pregnant with baby number two
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    Baby Two Bumpdate: 5 months

    How Far Along: 5 months! What halfway done?!? Feeling Physically: Great! Feeling Mentally: Now that the holiday stress is over I feel wonderful! Maternity Clothes: Yes Sleep: Great minus the occasional bout of insomnia. Missing Anything: Warm weather. I hate the cold Food Cravings: Nothing Gender: Stay tuned…results coming soon! Labor signs: None. Wedding rings on or off: They’re still on. Looking Forward to: Getting things ready and shopping for baby Exercise regimen: Let’s not talk about it. Differences from 1st pregnancy: I am feeling huge all the time and I am only half-way done. Favorite part so far: Sharing the news with friends and family of what we were…

  • 4 months pregnant with baby number two
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    Baby Two Bumpdate: 4 months

    If you haven’t yet had the chance please read months 2 and 3 which were posted yesterday in a desperate attempt to finally catch up. These 4 months of pregnancy have flown by! As of today, I am 17 weeks and I can hardly believe I am officially 4 months pregnant! Thankfully we have moved into the second trimester and starting to feel like a human again! How Far Along: 4 months Feeling Physically: Great! Nausea is gone and I am finally sleeping better! Feeling Mentally: Good as well. Now that everyone knows I can finally talk about it. Maternity Clothes: I had to break out the ol’ maternity clothes. Sadly though…

  • 1st trimester recap. 2 months pregnant. 3 months pregnant.
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    Bumpdate catch-up: Months 2 and 3

    I had fully intended to do weekly bumpdates with this little one but sadly before I knew it we were behind in the pictures and rather than stress about it I instead have decided to just do monthly updates. Now we didn’t share our good news with you all until 17 weeks but I had been drafting up these posts from pretty early on and I thought I’d include months 2 and 3.  3 Months Pregnant How Far Along: 3 months (12 weeks) Feeling Physically: Better! Though this month did have some days where nausea was so bad I couldn’t work. Around week eleven things eased up a bit but…

  • 40 weeks pregnant
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    Bumpdate: 40+ Weeks Pregnant

    Throughout this pregnancy, I have posted my weekly “bumpdates” the following week. So in truth, I am no longer pregnant but before I show off my awesome bundle of cuteness I shall finish what I started. How far along?: 40 weeks pregnant and then some Maternity clothes: Yes! Stretch marks: Yes Sleep: Getting pretty uncomfortable. I am ready to see this little man already. Best moment(s) these last weeks: Making it to our due date. Miss anything?: Running, working out, being not pregnant. Movement: Yes yes yes! Food Cravings: Nothing new.  Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope. Gender: Boy! Labor signs: This week has been a hot mess. Over…

  • 39 Weeks Pregnant
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    Bumpdate: 39 Weeks Pregnant

    I will be honest I didn’t think we would make it this far! I really thought this little man was going to make an early arrival. Even if he decides to stick around a few more weeks it is crazy to know whether he likes it or not he is going to be here so soon! I am so inexplicably excited! How far along?: 39 Weeks Pregnant Maternity clothes: Yes! Stretch marks: Yes. And I am really starting to appreciate my body for all that it has done for this little guy.  Sleep: Maybe my body is working to “store energy” but I have been sleeping so well this week! Best…

  • 38 weeks pregnant
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    Bumpdate: 38 Weeks Pregnant

    How far along?: 38 weeks pregnant Maternity clothes: Yes! Stretch marks: Boo! I don’t like this question anymore. Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. It is getting more difficult to flip from side to side with a big ol’ baby in there though. Best moment(s) these last weeks: The feeling of having everything in order and ready for little man’s arrival. Miss anything?: I am ready to be able to workout hard again. I miss pushing my body to those limits. Movement: Yes yes yes! Food Cravings: Nothing new. Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nothing new. Gender: Boy! Labor signs: Contractions but nothing consistent. Belly button in or out?: Out,…