• Ellery’s Newborn Session

    Nearly two years ago I heard about this wonderful photographer named Erin with Bare Bones Photography. We had our first session with her when Asher was only six months old and we’ve never been disappointed with her work. So it was no surprise when she managed to capture some pretty amazing moments with our little addition despite a sore, swollen mama, uncooperative toddler, and an only-wants-to-nurse ten-day-old. I am so in love with these newborn photos!

  • Big Brother Meeting Baby Sister

    From the moment I found out I was pregnant I began imaging what it would be like for Asher meeting his baby sister. How would Asher react? Would he be jealous? Would he like his new sibling? I was full of anticipation and excitement. Helping Big Brother Adjust to the Idea of Baby Sister It was important for us, from the beginning, that Asher know about his baby sister. We made sure to talk about her often. Throughout my pregnancy, Jacob and I spoke often about “baby sister” and “baby Ellery” and gestured toward my belly. On the ride into daycare each day I would tell Asher that “Baby sister…

  • Pregnant with number two

    Big News! Second Pregnancy Announcement!

    If you have happened to stop by here over the years, you have probably noticed I have been MIA for the last month or so. Let me start by saying sorry loves, it truly wasn’t my intention but you see I have been busy with a new project and just waiting a bit to tell you all about it. Our Family Has Some Good News Is it a new business venture? No, I am still working an office job and crafting on the side. Is it a new house? Well we’ve been looking but no we are hanging around here a bit longer. It is even better ladies and gents.…