• 10 months old

    Ellery: 10 Months Old

    Age: 10 months Weight: Not sure Diapers/clothes: Still in cloth, second rise, and 9-month clothes Eating:  A girl after my own heart! She loves to eat. She has now tried beef and chicken, oranges, apple sauce, and pears and…she loved them all. She is still nursing and there doesn’t appear to be an end in any near future. She also loves to “eat” any microscopic pieces she can find on the floor, so we have to be diligent with sweeping. Sleeping:  Still naps 3 times a day most days but she has started dropping her evening nap more often. She also is sleeping longer stretches at night which has been…

  • 9 months old

    Ellery: 9 Months Old

     Age:  9  months Weight:  nearly 17lbs Diapers/clothes: Cloth diapers and nine-month clothes Eating: This girl LOVES to eat. If she sees Asher with a banana she will wave her arms and yell until we get her one. Baby-led weaning has been super fun and easy with Miss E. She hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like and she handles new foods really well. Her current favorites are bananas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and avocado.  She is still nursing like a champ and I am still loving the bond of nursing as well. She has become quite the gymnast with nursing and loves to prop her self up onto one leg…

  • Motherhood

    Ellery: 8 Months Old

    Age:  8 months Weight:  Not sure. Diapers/clothes: She is still in cloth diapers. Wearing six and nine-month clothes. Also, we can’t keep socks on her! She loves to pull them off and chew on them.  Eating:  She is still nursing but also eating solids one to two times per day. As I mentioned before we opted out of purees this time and instead are doing baby-led weaning. We still haven’t given her any of the food we eat because I feel better with less complicated things (ie: single ingredients, no seasoning) so I am still making all her food separate. She is loving squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans and…

  • 7 months old

    Ellery: 7 Months Old

    7 months old has been one of the most fun so far. She is so lively and full of personality. She has so much to say and has the greatest smiles. I love seeing the little person she is blossom. Age:  7 months Weight:  Not sure but she certainly feels heavier. Diapers/clothes: Cloth diapers have moved up to the next rise. She is out of most 6 month pants but still solidly in six-month onesies. She also has started wearing a few 9-month pieces. Eating:  She started solids! After a few weeks of dealing with her getting really, very angry when we were eating and she wasn’t, I gave her…

  • 6 months old

    Ellery- 6 Months Old

    No way. I seriously can not believe my baby girl is 6 months old! So much has been happening these last few months and I feel like time is just slipping through my fingers. I am so ready for this to slow down! Also, a huge mommy fail-I forgot to take her picture this month (sad face) so here are a few snapshots of her this last month. Age:  6 months Weight: Not sure but probably close to 14 lbs by now. Growing but still our tiny little lady. Diapers/clothes: Cloth diapers still on the lowest rise. Finally out of 3-month clothes and into 6-9 months.  Eating: Nursing great but has started…

  • Motherhood

    Ellery: 5 months

    So this baby date is a little late. Things have gotten away from me with the move and time is moving way faster than I like so our little lady is now actually 5 1/2 months old. She is growing up so fast and I just wish time would slow down some! It honestly doesn’t feel like it has been nearly 6 months?! Age:  5 1/2 months Weight:  13 lbs 13 oz Diapers/clothes: Cloth diapers still on the tiniest fit/rise. Clothes are a mash-up of sizes at this point. She still fits in 3-month onesies but needs 6-9 months in pants and pjs for the length. Because she is long…

  • The emotional side of motherhood

    The Emotional Side Of Motherhood

    It’s nearing midnight and I am lying awake in bed while little E sleeps soundly next to me, her tiny rapid breaths reminding me I should be sleeping because she will be awake soon to eat. The Emotions of Children Growing She had her 4-month check-up today and it is still so crazy to me that she is 4 months old!? Heck, it’s even crazier that Asher is almost 2 1/2! Between buying a house, selling a house, and managing the existence of our little family so much time seems to have passed without me really noticing. We closed on our new house this afternoon and we will close on…

  • Motherhood

    Ellery: 4 Months Old

    Our little lady is FOUR months old! This month has been one of the most fun so far. Miss Ellery is really starting to show her personality and it has been awesome watching her blossom. She is quite the diva and gets frustrated when things aren’t exactly as she would like. Our baby girl is so very sweet and loves to get attention. Any time you talk to her or mention how cute she is, she smiles really big and scrunches up her little face.  Age:  4 months old Weight:  12 lbs 6.4oz Diapers/clothes: Cloth diapers and 3 months clothes for the most part. She is pretty long so she…

  • Motherhood

    Ellery: 3 months

    It is crazy to me how fast time is going. I cannot believe our little girl is already three months old. It doesn’t seem like that long ago she was just our tiny little bundle. This month has been a big one for our little girl. We started seeing a physical therapist/massage therapist for some myofascial release because Ellery seems to be pretty tight on her left side likely from her position in the womb at the end and the extraction from my uterus during the c-section. The tightness we believe is the cause of her not liking to nurse on the right side and her dislike of being strapped…

  • 2 months old

    Ellery: 2 Months Old

    2 months!? No way! This month has been much easier than the first simply because I regained more of my footing/ability to get around without much pain this month. This month I started venturing out with both kiddos pretty regularly each week. I really wanted to make sure things were kept fun for Asher while I was on leave so each week we go to storytime at the library, play at the park, go on small errands, or walks around the neighborhood. It was a bit of a learning curve trying to get a process down with two little ones but we trudged through and now I feel like an…