Simple and affordable Christmas decoration storage ideas. Save time and energy next year.
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Simple and Affordable Christmas Decor Organization

It probably seems a bit strange to be talking about Christmas 2019 already, but I promise this isn’t a wacky, Christmas forever, type of post.

Rather, I want to show you how a few simple changes in Christmas decor packing can help you actually enjoy the process of decking the halls next year.

Yesterday we spent the morning taking down and packing away all of our Christmas decorations. And I will tell you, if there is one place in my life that I am not minimal, it is Christmas.

Easy and affordable ways to organize and store Christmas Decorations
Taking it all down and preparing to put it all away
Easy and affordable ways to organize and store Christmas Decorations

I love turning our home into a festive, winter wonderland, but that also means sorting through multiple large totes of decorations. In the past, the frustration of tangled lights and piles of pine garland left me ready to boycott the holiday season.

Easy and affordable ways to organize and store Christmas Decorations

When it comes to Christmas the goal is to enjoy every bit of the experience, so let me show you how just a few tweaks of your decoration storage can save you the frustration and stress next year.

You might want to snag a few of your leftover delivery boxes because you’re going to need them!

1. Lights Wrapped and Kept in Tote

Easily store Christmas light strands


I like to use cardboard from delivery boxes (thank you Amazon Prime) and cut them down to size. Simply wrap the lights around the cardboard and store in-line in a tote. No more balls of lights to untangle come next year

How to store Christmas light strands

2. Simple Decorations Organized by Color

If you are like me, your tree doesn’t look the same each year. Sure some of the ornaments are the same but perhaps you change out a color or try a new theme. If so, you too have TONS of solid color ornaments. Store these in a tote with (you guessed it) cardboard dividers.

Easy and affordable ways to organize and store Christmas Decorations


This helps keep the decorations easily accessible and prevents a mess of colors and broken ornaments.

3. Fragile Decorations Stored in Gift Boxes

Each year my in-laws gift our family an ornament with sentimental meaning from the year. Likewise, we purchase a new ornament for the kids each year.

How to store fragile and important Christmas ornaments

These ornaments are one of my favorite parts of the decorating process because the kids love hearing stories about what each one means. So keeping these safe is a high priority. We also include any fun ornaments that were made during the season as well.

How to store fragile and important Christmas decorations

To keep them safe, each child (and our family) has a firm gift box with their ornaments carefully wrapped inside. Each box is then labeled. These boxes are placed together in their own tote to protect against any possible water damage.

4. Garland in Labeled Bags

Pine garland is an essential decoration in our home, but between stairs, mantels, and doorways, there is a lot of it. Most of it has been trimmed to size to fit the space it draped.

Christmas garland storage


Next year, to avoid getting halfway up the stairs, only to realize the garland is too short, the garland was removed and placed in labeled baggies. These are simple gallon size zipper bags. With the air squeeze out all, they were able to store nicely in a single tote with other stems and greenery.

Christmas garland storage

5. Store Indoor and Outdoor Decorations Separately

Lastly, and it might seem like a “duh” type moment but in the heat of taking it all down, it can be easy to just throw it in a box. Store your indoor decor in separate totes or tubs than your outdoor decor. It will save you the headache of wondering where things are and where they belong next year.

Have you taken down your holiday decorations yet? Give these tips a try and let me know what you think!

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