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Under The Bathroom Cabinet

This week we will begin diving into organizational projects in the home. Now I like to think of myself as a pretty organized individual, but I will admit even in my house there are places that haven’t been given much attention since the day we moved in. The goal this week is to give a bit of TLC to one of the most commonly neglected spaces in the household….the bathroom cabinet.

Today, with this post, I am wearing my shame proudly as I show you evidence of what our master bathroom cabinet looked like until today. The truth is, even though I knew it needed to be cleaned and organized, this was one project I said “I’ll do that later” to quite often.


To fix the mess I spent a few minutes thinking about what my goal for the space was. In the end [5 minutes later] I decided the main goal was to have everything visible at one time and for the important things [ie: medication and first aid] easily accessible by my dear husband. To accomplish these goals I purchased a three drawer Sterilite container from Walmart and four small black canvas totes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. [Can I just say there is nothing quite as exciting as organizational devices!]

I began by emptying everything out from beneath the cabinet and cleaning the cabinet. I then proceeded to sort through everything that was under there. I swear to you there were four boxes of tampons, three bottles  of aloe, and three bottles of mouthwash. If for nothing else, I needed to organize this so I would stop shopping like I had a house full of sun burnt, bad-breath, teenage girls.
Once I had sifted through everything I planned exactly how I wanted to use my pretty empty containers. I decided the following:
       For the Sterilite container:
                1. First Aid: all first aid ointments, bandages, hand sanitizer, wound care, etc
                2. Medications: all medications [pretty self explanatory]
                3. Dental Care: extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and whitening strips.
      For the four totes:
                1. Lady Supplies: you probably get the idea.
                2. Hygiene Product Surplus: all the extra unopened shampoos, soaps, etc
                3. Sun Care: sun screen and our surplus of aloe
                4. Lotions and Body Sprays: all our lotions and sprays
I also included a small basket to hold our travel containers so they are easily located when it’s time to head out. And there is now a basket for the flat iron, curling iron, and blow drier.
So no longer feeling shameful….here is the finished product!


Every tote has a specific purpose and every item is easily seen so I am able to know quickly what to purchase.
I used my new label maker to label each of the drawers. This allows my husband to know exactly where to look for something.
 Just to show how big of a difference 30 minutes and some organization can make. 




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