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Fun and Easy Toddler Activity: Making Orange Juice

Summer time is the perfect time for cold drinks and fresh fruit! Juice around our house is a treat so when I realized we had some oranges that had seen better days, I decided to throw together a quick activity for the littles. 

Easy summer activity with kids

I cut up the oranges and using our hand held lemon juicer the kids squeezed as hard as their littles arms would let them. 

To start, I simply showed them how it all worked and then set back and watched them try it out. They managed it really well and worked through the process, making sure to squeeze the juice into the bigger cup. 

Easy toddler summer activity
Easy summer toddler fun

It has always impressed me how quickly little ones pick up on and learn things. By sitting back and watching them work through this I was able to watch them both figure out how to open the juicer, put in the orange, squeeze and so on. 

Taking time to sit back and observe them experiencing what I would consider an insignificant thing has given me a new appreciation for the simpler things in life. 

Easy summer activity

Asher and Ellery, surprisingly, worked well together at this task. They took turns squeezing oranges and Asher was careful to help Ellery set it up for her turn. 

Easy summer toddler activity
Easy summer activities for toddlers

With this activity they were able to work on fine motor skills, grip strength and cooperation with a peer.

Making orange juice with toddlers

They investigated each orange half and even squeezed the extra juice out by hand. 

sensory activity for toddlers

When all was finished they got to enjoy the ‘fruit’ of their labors…which was about a shot glass worth of orange juice but hey it’s something right? And they loved it!

At the end of it all they were pumped full of vitamin C and rather sticky but they seemed to really enjoy themselves. 

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