Easy Weekly meal planning
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Meal Planning Made Easier: Part 1

One of the most difficult parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping my head on straight as a mom, has been making sure I am eating healthy, good-for-me food. If I don’t take the time to sit down and create a plan for our meals, I struggle to say no to dinner out.

Easy Meal Planning

In an effort to streamline and improve my meal planning, I have created this weekly meal planner and shopping list. 

With this sheet I am able to plan out a week’s worth of meals and coordinate the shopping list to those meals. 

Lunches in our home vary among the hubs, the kiddos, and myself but often they are one of a few options or dinner leftovers. The sheet includes space for a few lunch and breakfast ideas and then more specific daily dinner plans. 

Easy meal Planning

Once I have my meal plans in place, I use the right side of the sheet to quickly plan and create a shopping list before heading to the grocery. I can then put the plan on the fridge or in my planner and have the meal plan for the week ready for review.

Easy meal Planning

And if you are anything like me, a to-do list is the essence of your being. So at the bottom of the sheet I have included an area where you can list anything that needs to be prepped, washed, or repackaged. Because we all know the worst part of grocery shopping is figuring out what to do with it all once you get it home. This ‘To Prep’ space will help you stay on track and getting everything ready for the week.

Simple Meal Planning

Meal planning has not only helped us eat healthier as a family, it has also helped us stop spending so much extra money eating at restaurants. With two hungry kiddos, that are not cheap dates, eating out is often a waste of money. While we aren’t against a meal out, we would rather it be an event, a meal with friends, or a new place, not just because we don’t want to or have nothing to cook for dinner. 

Grab Your Own Free Copy

Get your own FREE instant download copy below! Leave me a comment or message me to let me know what you think or share with me a struggle you have with food prep and meal planning.

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