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Gender Reveal Party

This last week has been quite eventful. On Wednesday we had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound where we found out that our lil babe was healthy and growing like crazy. We also learned that our little one is stubborn as it did not want to show us its business. But after some position changes and prodding by the ultrasound tech we finally got to see what we were looking for.

Over the weekend we ventured to visit our families and share the good news. We then decided to put together a small gender reveal party at our place on Saturday night to tell our friends. The night was low-key but a lot of fun. Here’s a sneak peak of the night’s happenings. We decided to keep everything, including the decor, simple and affordable.

As soon as our guests arrived they were asked to grab and wear the clip for what their guess was.
I created a few simple signs and a banner to place around the house.
Of course I made use of the dining room chalkboard.


And it would be no party without cupcakes! Although these cupcakes were the saddest looking cupcakes I’ve ever seen associated with a party, my guests said they were delicious. I’ll take that as a win. The table was decorated with colorful accessories from our local Dollar Tree.
Votes were heavily swayed in the direction of a little girl.



Of course all we wanted was a healthy baby but we couldn’t be happier to be welcoming a tiny little lad into our lives in 20 short weeks!!




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