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    Healthy Journey Progress

    A few weeks ago the hubs snapped a few pictures of me finishing up my workout after we ran to the park to let the kids play. When I first looked at these pictures, my thoughts were focused on every flaw. I didn’t like how I looked. I could see all the weight I wanted to lose. Frankly, I contemplated just deleting the whole lot of them. But then I remembered how I FELT while he was snapping these pictures. I FELT strong. I FELT confident in what I was doing. I FELT healthy and as though I was making progress on my goals. It is a tricky thing trying…

  • Working out while pregnant
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    6 Tips for Working Out While Pregnant

    Always check with your physician before doing any new physical activity. When I got pregnant with Asher I really didn’t miss a beat with working out until 20 weeks. I kept up with regular running and lifting, paying mind to how I was feeling and being sure to listen to my body. I stopped running at 20 weeks at the advice of a doctor in my OB’s practice who was filling in during an appointment. I regret stopping so early but as a new mom I was terrified something would go wrong with baby so I listened. Though I had stopped running, I continued to lift and do low impact…