• 20 week pregnancy update. Third pregancy
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    Bumpdate: 5 months

    We’ve made it to five months littlest lady! I am so happy to be on this side of pregnancy finally! Those first few months were a mash up of worry, joy, midnight research, switching doctors… It is just such a relief to be here where I feel like I can sit back and enjoy the rest of this beautiful journey! Baby Update: Baby is officially a girl! We were able to see her in the anatomy scan last week and it was such fun! We were able to see that she is developing beautifully and was super active. She was kicking and rolling all over. Speaking of, she has been…

  • Simple gender reveal fun for baby number three
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    Old Wives Tales and Third Pregnancy Gender Reveal

    The time has come! We are finally far enough along to learn the sex of little baby three! Yesterday we had our anatomy scan and thankfully the little one was cooporative in letting us know which clothing to take out of the attic. With both of my previous pregnancies I had a strong “feeling” what baby was going to be well before we were able to find out. I just knew Asher was a boy and Ellery was a girl. These silly siblings can’t wait to share the good news! Gut Instict With this little one, it has not been that easy. I have leaned most heavily girl but there…

  • Pregnancy Announcement
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    Exciting News and First Trimester Bumpdate

    We are so excited to announce that we will be adding another little one to our family at the end of the summer! I am from a larger family and I knew pretty early on that I wanted a bigger family. I love the joy-filled chaos that comes with having a larger family. I personally have always dreamed of having a home filled with our kiddos. As of now I am currently 16 weeks along and am so happy to be well into the second trimester! Being a relatively impatient person, I just couldn’t wait to take a test. With both of my other pregnancies, I got a positive test…