• Create a gift for mom after the birth of her baby. Help mom heal with a selection of helpful products and treats.
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    Post-Partum Gift Basket to Help Mom Heal and Recover

    Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are really, truly very beautiful things! BUT they can also be messy and no part is messier than the first few weeks post-partum (am I right veteran moms?!) When a close friend was expecting her first little one I wanted to get her a post-partum gift that would be useful for HER. So often the blessing of gifts are poured over the baby and not so much mom and I wanted this to be something for her to use and enjoy. I put together a post-partum gift of a small basket of goodies I found useful in the days after my kiddos were born. The Post-Partum…

  • Birth story
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    Ellery’s Birth Story: Part 3

    Read Ellery’s Birth Story Parts one and Part two Once we were back in our room Ellery and I had our first nursing session. It was beautiful and she took to it like a champ. She nursed, unlatched, and fell right to sleep. While I was enjoying these first moments with my little lady, the nurse informed us that the doctor found signs of an unexplained uterine infection when she was completing the c-section. This infection, we later came to learn, is known as Chorioamnionitis, and is one of the leading causes of stillborn babies. Because of Ellery’s exposure to this infection, she would need to undergo a prophylactic antibiotic…

  • birth story part two
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    Welcome, Ellery! Birth Story Part 2

    If you haven’t had a chance please read part one here.  Caution: The following includes details of my daughter’s unexpectedly scary entrance into this world which includes mention of infant loss.  We loaded the car up with our bags and headed off to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital a bit before six and we were taken back to labor and delivery triage and hooked up to monitors. We were the only ones there and overall the night seemed pretty quiet. The atmosphere was light and the nurse was super friendly and I tried to focus on the thoughts that everything would be okay and that we would be hearing a heartbeat soon and…

  • Birth story part one
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    Welcome Ellery! Birth Story Part One

    I know I am a bit late on getting this posted but it is crazy around here and finding time to blog has been nearly impossible. The adventure of getting our little lady in our arms was nearly a 180 from what we had expected and it has taken some time to process. So without anymore waiting here is the story of how we got our little Ellery Charlotte Friday the 13th The day started like any other typical Friday, we were up early, dressed and fed the tot, and it was off to daycare before I returned home to start my own work day. On my way to the daycare,…

  • 8 months pregnant
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    Baby Two Bumpdate: 8 Months

    How Far Along: 8 months Feeling Physically: Oh man, these last few days have been rough. For starters, I feel like a whale! Also, our little lady is now head down (yay) but that means kicks to the ribs and knee bumps to the abdomen. It is getting cramped in there and sometimes I wonder how she will continue to have room to grow! Feeling Mentally: Being a toddler mom has me exhausted (what’s new right?). Otherwise, I am feeling great. We have had some amazing weather here recently and the grass is green and the trees are blooming so my mood is great.  Maternity Clothes: Yes! Sleeping Well?: See…

  • A letter to my oldest before your baby sister is born
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    A Letter To My First Born, the One Who Made Me Mama

    To You My Sweet Boy, We are just a few short weeks away from welcoming your baby sister into the world and into our little family. My heart nearly bursts with joy thinking of the future where I will get to watch you two grow as siblings and into friends. While my heart is so full of love for both you and your little sister, I can’t help but feel a tiny bit of sadness. It has hit me hard recently that in only a few months you will no longer be my only child and it breaks my heart a bit to watch you grow up so quickly. When…

  • 7 months pregnant. Pregnancy number two
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    Bumpdate: 7 Months

    How Far Along: 7 months! Say what!? Feeling Physically: I am feeling huge! Even though I feel like a walking whale though, I still feel pretty good physically! I am feeling pretty energetic and that has been useful considering the toddler I have to chase around. The hip/sacrum pain has subsided for the most part. I have done some research and learned it is likely a combination of how little lady is positioned and good ol’ hormones and since it isn’t a daily thing anymore I haven’t sought treatment. Feeling Mentally: Great! Even though I am officially in the 3rd trimester I still have the second-trimester energy so I feel…

  • 6 months pregnant
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    Baby Two Bumpdate: 6 Months

    How Far Along: 6 months Feeling Physically: I feel okay most of the time. Over the last month or so I have had some hip and pelvic pain. It comes and goes but when it comes…yikes! Feeling Mentally: Work has been slow which has allowed me to get caught up on some home to-do’s and I am feeling great watching my list get shorter and shorter Maternity Clothes: Yes Sleep: I have been sleeping well recently but waking still pretty tired. Asher is blessing us with great, full nights of sleep and I am afraid I might be over sleeping (good problem to have though) Missing Anything: Still warm weather.…

  • Working out while pregnant
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    6 Tips for Working Out While Pregnant

    Always check with your physician before doing any new physical activity. When I got pregnant with Asher I really didn’t miss a beat with working out until 20 weeks. I kept up with regular running and lifting, paying mind to how I was feeling and being sure to listen to my body. I stopped running at 20 weeks at the advice of a doctor in my OB’s practice who was filling in during an appointment. I regret stopping so early but as a new mom I was terrified something would go wrong with baby so I listened. Though I had stopped running, I continued to lift and do low impact…

  • 5 months pregnant with baby number two
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    Baby Two Bumpdate: 5 months

    How Far Along: 5 months! What halfway done?!? Feeling Physically: Great! Feeling Mentally: Now that the holiday stress is over I feel wonderful! Maternity Clothes: Yes Sleep: Great minus the occasional bout of insomnia. Missing Anything: Warm weather. I hate the cold Food Cravings: Nothing Gender: Stay tuned…results coming soon! Labor signs: None. Wedding rings on or off: They’re still on. Looking Forward to: Getting things ready and shopping for baby Exercise regimen: Let’s not talk about it. Differences from 1st pregnancy: I am feeling huge all the time and I am only half-way done. Favorite part so far: Sharing the news with friends and family of what we were…