• Third pregnancy bumpdate. 6 months pregnant with third baby.
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    6 Month Bumpdate

    At the start of this journey, it felt like this pregnancy was moving slowly. Each day I was worried for our little one’s safety. After Ellery’s birth, there has been a higher degree of worry and anxiety around this pregnancy. I struggled to not give in to worry during the first trimester, but things have improved. Each time I feel her little body squirm I am reminded of the miracle that she, and her siblings, truly are. I will continue to trust and have faith that this little lady will be perfect! We are officially beyond halfway and now it seems like time is speeding up! How is it already…

  • Superhero birthday party ideas. Easy, fun, and affordable
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    Super Hero Birthday Party

    Last weekend we celebrated Asher turning five with a superhero themed birthday party! In all of the birthday parties I have planned, I have to admit this one was one of my favorites! Over the last year, Asher has grown to love superheros. Not any specific hero or even league but rather just the idea of superheros helping stop “bad guys”. With no favorites on his end and a very limited knowledge of superheros on my end, I opted for a mash up of superhero. To keep with a general superhero theme, I opted for a palette of red, blue, green, and yellow. Using poster board I created a cityscape…

  • When breastfeeding Comes to an End a letter to my nursing toddler
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    A Letter To My Breastfeeding Toddler

    To my sweet, nearly 3 year old, toddler girl: Would you have believed, almost 3 years ago, that you’d still be nursing today? Probably! In fact, you probably never imaged NOT nursing. You might not realize it, but our journey in nursing started off a bit non-traditional due to your short NICU stay. But even after a tumultuous birth you came out ready for milk. I was so worried nursing would be difficult due to your birth but you latched, fed, burped and fell fast asleep. After that first session, there was no turning back.  In no time, you and I were a cohesive milkin’ team. As a baby, you…

  • 20 week pregnancy update. Third pregancy
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    Bumpdate: 5 months

    We’ve made it to five months littlest lady! I am so happy to be on this side of pregnancy finally! Those first few months were a mash up of worry, joy, midnight research, switching doctors… It is just such a relief to be here where I feel like I can sit back and enjoy the rest of this beautiful journey! Baby Update: Baby is officially a girl! We were able to see her in the anatomy scan last week and it was such fun! We were able to see that she is developing beautifully and was super active. She was kicking and rolling all over. Speaking of, she has been…

  • Simple gender reveal fun for baby number three
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    Old Wives Tales and Third Pregnancy Gender Reveal

    The time has come! We are finally far enough along to learn the sex of little baby three! Yesterday we had our anatomy scan and thankfully the little one was cooporative in letting us know which clothing to take out of the attic. With both of my previous pregnancies I had a strong “feeling” what baby was going to be well before we were able to find out. I just knew Asher was a boy and Ellery was a girl. These silly siblings can’t wait to share the good news! Gut Instict With this little one, it has not been that easy. I have leaned most heavily girl but there…

  • Pregnancy Announcement
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    Exciting News and First Trimester Bumpdate

    We are so excited to announce that we will be adding another little one to our family at the end of the summer! I am from a larger family and I knew pretty early on that I wanted a bigger family. I love the joy-filled chaos that comes with having a larger family. I personally have always dreamed of having a home filled with our kiddos. As of now I am currently 16 weeks along and am so happy to be well into the second trimester! Being a relatively impatient person, I just couldn’t wait to take a test. With both of my other pregnancies, I got a positive test…

  • Organizing mental clutter
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    The Importance of Organizing Mental Clutter

    There has been a big push in the last few years to de-clutter our homes and organize our physical spaces. There have been many, myself included, that can attest to the positive effects of decreasing physical clutter and creating an organizational system that works for you. But what about our mental clutter? Mental clutter includes all those pesky to-dos, appointments, and schedules that are constantly running through our minds. Our mental clutter consists of all those things that are completed silently and without celebration but are what keeps are family’s lives flowing easily day to day. If you talk with any mom they will tell you that often this form…

  • Organize messy toys in just one day
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    Easy One Day Toy Purge

    Do you find yourself still recovering from all the goodies your little ones received this holiday season? Legos piled at your feet? Play food scattered about with no chef in sight? Are you ready to complete a total toy purge? If you said yes to any of the above, then welcome friend! You are in good, holiday-recovering company and today I am going to walk you through a step by step process for getting toy clutter under control! We are going to tackle finding new places in your home for all those fun new toys while also purging the collection of broken, outgrown or just plain “where-did-this-come-from” toys. The Prep…

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    2019. New Year, New Focus

    Hello friends! Happy Post-Christmas Season! Hopefully, you are all recovering nicely from the holiday fun of last week! We had a busy, but great Christmas week with the finale of a simple day at home on Christmas day. Since reviving Knot to Nest in the summer of 2018, I have been working to find my voice, my passions, and my place. I find myself sitting over here on the cusp of the new year, looking to make changes and find and finally chase my true passions. In my five years of motherhood, I have found myself drawn more and more to a life of simplicity and organization. It is in…

  • Gift Experience Ideas for Children
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    25 Experience Gift Ideas that Will Benefit Your Child More Than Toys this Holidays

    We are only two weeks away from Christmas! Can you believe it? If you are a parent then you have likely already received your share of the following over the last weeks: “what should I get ____ for Christmas?”; “Do you think he’d like this toy?”; “I saw this giant ____ and I bet she would just love it!” As family and friends begin wanting to shower your kiddos with gifts this holiday season, it may begin to feel overwhelming and stressful. If you are anything like I was two years ago, you may even feel bad for wanting to tell family and friends “thanks but no thanks!”. It is…