• Homemade play dough recipe
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    Easy Homemade Play Dough and Sensory Invitation

    If there is one thing in our house that is guaranteed to be a fan favorite…it is play-dough. My kids love to squish, cut, sculpt and litter the kitchen floor with various colors of Play Dough. It has been known to provide nearly an hour of uninterrupted playtime for them.  After attending a birthday party recently, where a mom had out her easy homemade play dough, I too, decided to try my hand at some home made dough. In true mom form, I scoured Pinterest for a few recipes and compared recipes and finally decided on the recipe by Living Well Mom.  To start, you will need the following ingredients:…

  • Summer activity fun: making orange juice
    Kid Activities

    Fun and Easy Summer Activity: Making Orange Juice

    Summer time is the perfect time for cold drinks and fresh fruit! So with a drawer full of oranges, I decided to give this summer activity a try. Juice around our house is a treat so when I realized we had some oranges that had seen better days, I decided to throw together a quick summer activity for the littles.  I cut up the oranges and using our hand held lemon juicer the kids squeezed as hard as their littles arms would let them.  To start, I simply showed them how it all worked and then set back and watched them try it out. They managed it really well and…

  • Favorite toys for a one year
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    Favorite Toys for One Year Olds

    A friend of mine recently asked me for advice on what to get for a baby’s first birthday. This sweet friend just recently married and doesn’t yet have kids but she loves on many kids in her life around her and she will be attending a close friend’s baby girl’s first birthday soon. So in honor of her request I decided to come up with a list of my favorite toys for both of my littles at or around one year old. You can find all sorts of recommendations for this age online but here is a list of our favorites. Personally, as a parent, I prefer open-ended toys, toys…

  • Easy DIY pretend Christmas Tree
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    Creating a Pretend Christmas Tree for Kids

    Christmas is, hands down, my FAVORITE holiday of the year and I am always looking for new ways to make the holiday season fun for the kiddos. So I am excited to share this easy, affordable pretend Christmas tree set up! Pretend Play! After watching my littles enjoy decorating the Christmas tree so much this year, I decided to put a small tree up in their playroom. This pretend Christmas tree allows them the opportunity to decorate again and again all season long! The Set-up To create the space for the pretend Christmas tree, I purchased a small artificial tree from Walmart and ornaments from the dollar tree. Thankfully the…

  • Farmers Market Themed birthday party
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    Farmer’s Market Birthday Party

    Our little baby girl is one year old and we celebrated with a Farmer’s Market Birthday Party! How can it possibly be that we are already celebrating her turning ONE?! It feels like this last year has flown by so much faster than Asher’s first year did! Second child probs I suppose.  Since finding out I was having a baby girl, I have been super excited about getting to, perhaps, experience things other than trucks, bugs, dirt, and dinos. So this first birthday party planning was so much fun! For Ellery’s theme we decided on a farmer’s market. We wanted something summer-y and fun but a bit unexpected. Plus the…

  • Creating a toddler garden
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    A Fun Activity for Toddlers: Creating a Garden

    When we moved into our house we were lucky to find that the previous owners had a small garden. My first two summers in the house I managed a pretty decent garden and really enjoyed watching the fruits (well mostly veggies) of my labor. After Asher was born I attempted a garden but it was an overwhelming task to manage with a newborn and never produced much more than but weeds. Now that Asher is older he has become very interested in helping with everything. I decided that we could try our hand at a small, toddler-friendly garden this year and see how it goes. Last week I purchased all…

  • Easy winter weather activities for Toddlers
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    Easy Toddler Activities: Winter Edition

    As you may have noticed, I am not a huge fan of the cold, winter months. The winter weather can make entertaining an active toddler difficult. So today I wanted to share my favorite winter toddler activities. Toddler Activities for Winter We have been blessed with a few random 60 degree days recently but overall we have been trapped indoors most of this winter. With Asher still being pretty little, I had to be creative with what he could do for fun indoors. I am a huge supporter of easy activities that keep little ones occupied and so here are a few of my recent successes. 1. Bubble Wrap Jumping:…

  • Easy and fun Valentines day craft for kids
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    Valentines Day Toddler Craft

    Valentines day is a personal favorite of mine and combined with my love for crafting I decided to try my hand at a craft with our toddler this week. Supplies A blank canvas of any size. I chose a larger size because I knew I wanted to display it Painters tape. This will be used to block off your word or design of choice. Paint. I used craft paint and was careful to make sure he didn’t put it in his mouth. I went this route mainly because the children’s finger paint seems to be runny and doesn’t provide much actual color on a canvas. Dropcloth or protective liner. We…