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    Under The Bathroom Cabinet

    This week we will begin diving into organizational projects in the home. Now I like to think of myself as a pretty organized individual, but I will admit even in my house there are places that haven’t been given much attention since the day we moved in. The goal this week is to give a bit of TLC to one of the most commonly neglected spaces in the household….the bathroom cabinet. Today, with this post, I am wearing my shame proudly as I show you evidence of what our master bathroom cabinet looked like until today. The truth is, even though I knew it needed to be cleaned and organized,…

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    The New Year and “One Year, One Organized Home”

    Happy New Year. It’s officially 2013 and with the new year comes new things for this little corner of the blog world. I will be beginning the first series posting here on Knot to Nest. I am really excited for this series and hope you enjoy it too. The series is titled “One Year, One Organized Home”. Over the next year I will be diving into every area of home and life to find a more organized way of getting by. Each post will include tips, tricks, supplies, etc and hopefully you’ll be inspired to tackle a few projects yourself. Happy New Year Years friends! Stay tuned, the first post…

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    Front Door Decor

    There are plenty of awesome things about owning a home, but I think my most favorite is the ever changing front door decor. Having lived in our home for only 10 months I haven’t taken advantage of all the possible options, but here are front door decor crafts of 2012. 1. Monogram: I love using the M of our last name to decorate and the front door is a great place to display it. This “M” was an afternoon project and consisted of a $4 paper mache letter from Joann’s, cotton yarn in grey (I am loving all shades of grey these days), and ribbon I had left over from…

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    Budget Friendly Fall Decor

    I have a love for all the seasons, but there is just something about the fall season that makes me super happy. This year was especially exciting as it is the first holiday season in our new home and I couldn’t wait to begin decorating. Now if I had it my way, I would head straight to the store and snag any and all fall decorations and sprinkle them about my home…but alas decided against that spending extravaganza. Instead I headed out to my nearest Dollar Tree and pumpkin patch and sprinkled some DIY crafted holiday spirit about our home. Everything listed below is from the Dollar Tree, unless otherwise specified.…

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    Craft Space 2.0

    As you may recall I attempted, and mildly succeeded, at creating the following craft space in my previous apartment. Having been my first go at a craft space, I must say I wasn’t too disappointed with the outcome. I had a lot of wants and ideas and little to no money so in the end it did what I needed it to do. When the husband (then fiance) and I purchased our first home back in February, I was forced to pack up all my creative tools and wait until I had time to build them a new home. Since we moved into our new home so close to our…

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    We’re homeowners!!

    The last 5 days have been a complete blur. I am exhausted, living out of boxes, stressed, and up to my eyeballs in to-dos. But it’s all worth it because my fiance and I are finally homeowners! On Friday we closed on the house. We spent Saturday packing and waiting for the call that the current owners were out. We spent Sunday morning loading up box after box and at 2:00pm we received the call saying the place was ours and we could head over as soon as we wanted. We, along with our crew of helpers, went out to a quick lunch and headed straight to our new house. We were…

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    We’re getting closer!!

    So we signed an agreement! Now we are just an inspection and a few more signatures away from being homeowners! I am so beyond excited about this house. I have been telling everyone that I am having a relationship with this house. I am like a giddy school girl with her first crush. I can’t stop looking at the pictures and I can’t stop talking about it. I am so excited! I can’t wait to move in and start painting and making this house our home.  Home Sweet Home

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    On our way to being homeowners

    Friday my fiance and I met with the loan officer and got our pre-approval paperwork in place and signed. Saturday we began looking at houses. We are super lucky in that one of my closest friend’s husband is a Realtor and he hooked us up with his partner/best friend to help us find houses in the area. Prior to our viewings my fiance and I had scoured the list of houses our realtor gave us. We even drove by and checked out a few. We had settled on a list of favorites that included 6 houses, all of which we got to see yesterday. We went from house to house and along…

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    We’re Buying A House!

    So after talking about it for a while my fiance and I have decided we are going to buy a house. We are both pretty sick of living in apartments and after some research we discovered there are some great loan options out there that will help us be able to get a house without a huge down payment. I am so excited. I can’t believe we are going to be buying a house. We have just started the process (ie: talking to lenders and are waiting on the arrival of paperwork that needs to be filled out), but all I can think about is how I want to decorate.…

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    Craft room on a very, very tiny budget.

    First I just want to extend a Thank you to the inventors of Pinterest….you have given me a profound obsession with a website and a channel full of ideas. The combination of these two things leaves me wondering if I should be grateful for this website or upset by how friggin’ addicting it is. Thanks to the inspiration found through Pinterest I have decided I am going to begin assembling the pieces for my very own craft room or “space”. Now that I am finally done with school (after what seems like forever) I have finally been able to develop hobbies. These hobbies include scrapbooking and sewing. I am absolutely in love…