• Use this free, printable 31 day de-clutter plan to get your home in order for autumn
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    31 Day Autumn De-Clutter

    Have you ever found yourself standing in the living room with a toys strewn at your feet, laundry piled high on the couch, dishes filling the sink and dishwasher, and you feel like your head is about to explode? You feel like you have spent all your time cleaning yet you see no evidence of all that you’ve done. Perhaps all these to-dos have left you short-tempered and annoyed and longing for a time when you will be finished and can enjoy the life you are constantly cleaning up after? This was me just a few years ago. I felt like I was drowning in all the stuff and the…

  • Keeping track of your family's favorite meals can help keep recipes organized and make meal planning easier. Use this FREE printable to keep it all in one place.
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    Meal Planning Made Easier Part 3: Favorite Meals Index

    Hello friends! If you are here for the first time you can read parts 1 and 2 here and  here.  I recently shared a copy of the Weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List I use each week to plan my family’s meals and make shopping as pain-free as possible. But what happens when I can’t think of meals to put on the list? Have you ever sat down with the greatest intentions of planning the week’s meals and starting the week off on the right foot, only to completely blank on what to make for dinner? You have a shelf full of wonderful cookbooks yet nothing is coming to mind?…

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    Meal Planning Made Easier: Part 2

    Today I will be sharing with you part two of my Meal Planning Made Easier series. If you are new, WELCOME, and feel free to read part one and snag a free copy of my Weekly Meal Planner here.  Mom Brain Meets Grocery Store: We’ve all been there…standing in an aisle at the grocery store racking our brains trying to remember what else we need from the store. There is likely a screaming toddler wanting a snack or a preschooler knocking things off the shelf. Stress and overwhelm builds as you will every molecule of your existence to remember WHAT. THE. HECK. DID. I. NEED?!?! In a huff you get…

  • Easy Weekly meal planning
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    Meal Planning Made Easier: Part 1

    One of the most difficult parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping my head on straight as a mom, has been making sure I am eating healthy, good-for-me food. If I don’t take the time to sit down and create a plan for our meals, I struggle to say no to dinner out. In an effort to streamline and improve my meal planning, I have created this weekly meal planner and shopping list.  With this sheet I am able to plan out a week’s worth of meals and coordinate the shopping list to those meals.  Lunches in our home vary among the hubs, the kiddos, and myself but often…

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    Simple Front Porch Decorating for Fall

    We are solidly into October now and I thought it would be fun to share the fall touches on our front porch.  Fall is my favorite season. It is the gate keeper season of the holidays. As soon as the weather begins to cool, I am flooded with feelings of nostalgia and can’t wait to put up decorations and begin celebrating all the holidays!  When it comes to decorating for fall, look no further than the pumpkin patch. Plop a few pumpkins or funny looking gourds next to a pretty mum and you are set.  Each year we visit a local pumpkin patch and select a few prized pieces and…

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    Moving To The New House!

    In the picture about we said farewell to our first home! It is moving time! The other day Asher grabbed a small box and in it placed 3 handfuls of Hotwheel cars and various other small toys. He grabbed it and started dragging it to the door and said “I’m going to da new home. See you later”. Oh how I wish this process was that easy!We closed on our new house last Friday and gained possession on Monday.We are tired and sore after a week of packing, moving, lifting,and cleaning.We are currently living in a bit of disarray between two houses, which is awesome with two babies *sarcasm*. We…

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    Our New Home!

    As I mentioned in my catching up post, we’ve bought a new house and also sold our current home. What I didn’t mention is that it all happened in less than two weeks. You see it all started when I mentioned to the Hubs that we should meet with a realtor because houses were flying off the market in our area and I was worried we might miss out on the seller’s market. Our first home was a wonderful home for newlyweds and a great place to start a family. I loved it, truly, but with the addition of little Miss it was apparent we were outgrowing it and needed…

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    Farewell Nursery, Hello Toddler Room

    Happy mid week folks! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Our weekend was both restful and productive, which was amazing and welcomed because our house has fallen into shambles over the last week and I was nearing insanity. Early last week our dryer just decided to stop working without any warning and we’ve also dove into a few new projects to get the house ready for our newest little member. Rough week or not, I was not letting go of our plans to pack up the car and make a day trip to the nearest IKEA. Like most woman in the world, I love Ikea! I slowly walk…

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    Nursery Progress

    The hubs and I have been quite busy these last few weeks getting the nursery in order and I am finally getting around to showing our progress. We were able to find a silver lining in the days filled with snow in early January by spending those days working on getting things put together and put away. The hubs spent a few hours putting together our glider rocker and the crib while I photographed the adventure. We also finished up one of our biggest projects of the nursery which was refinishing a dresser we snagged at a local antique shop in town. The dresser was in great shape and is…

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    Nursery [Before] and Progress

    The hubs and I were snowed in yesterday which ended up being a blessing because we were able to make great progress on Little Man’s nursery and we will share updates soon. In the meantime I thought I would catch you up on the nursery thus far. If you recall, the hubs and I were in love with elements of a nautical theme before we even found out what we were having. We decided if it was a little lad we’d go with a navy blue/white color scheme and if it was a little lady we do an aqua/grey/white color scheme. Well as you know we are expecting a little lad,…