• Budget Friendly Fall Decor
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    Budget-Friendly Fall Decor

    I have a love for all the seasons, but there is just something about the fall season and fall decor that makes me super happy. This year was especially exciting as it is the first holiday season in our new home and I couldn’t wait to begin decorating. Now if I had it my way, I would head straight to the store and snag any and all fall decorations and sprinkle them about my home… but as a newly married couple, we are trying to stay budget-conscious. So instead I headed out to my nearest Dollar Tree and pumpkin patch and sprinkled some DIY crafted holiday spirit about our home.…

  • Creating a closet craft room
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    Turning A Closet Into A Craft Space

    If you are an avid crafter, creating a craft space is essential for productivity and managing all of the crafting supplies. In my previous apartment, I was constantly completing wedding various wedding crafts. So much so that my dining room eventually looked like this. Having been my first go at a craft space, I must say I wasn’t too disappointed with the outcome. I had a lot of wants and ideas and little to no money so in the end, it did what I needed it to do. Creating A Craft Space with Limited Space When the husband (then fiance) and I purchased our first home back in February, I…

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    First Time Homeowners!

    The last 5 days have been a complete blur. I am exhausted, living out of boxes, stressed, and up to my eyeballs in to-dos. But it’s all worth it because my fiance and I are finally homeowners! On Friday we closed on the house. We spent Saturday packing and waiting for the call that the current owners had officially left. We spent Sunday morning loading up box after box and at 2:00 pm we¬†received¬†the call saying the place was ours and we could head over as soon as we wanted. We, along with our crew of helpers, went out to a quick lunch and headed straight to our new house.…

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    First Time Homeowners

    So we signed an agreement! Now we are just an inspection and a few more signatures away from being homeowners! I am so beyond excited about this house.   I have been telling everyone that I am having a relationship with this house. I am like a giddy school girl with her first crush. I can’t stop looking at the pictures and I can’t stop talking about it. I am so excited! I can’t wait to move in and start painting and making this house our home.