• Organize messy toys in just one day
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    Easily Organize Toys

    Do you find yourself still recovering from all the goodies your little ones received this holiday season? Legos piled at your feet? Play food scattered about with no chef in sight? Are you struggling to organize toys? If you said yes to any of the above, then welcome friend! You are in good, holiday-recovering company and today I am going to walk you through a step by step process for getting toy clutter under control! I will help you organize all those toys! We are going to tackle finding new places in your home for all those fun new toys while also purging the collection of broken, outgrown or just…

  • Halloween Home Decor
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    Halloween Home Tour 2018

    I am a lover of holidays and also holiday decorations. Christmas is usually the only holiday of the year where I go all out but I also like put some Halloween (and autumn) love around the house when the weather starts to cool.  Over the years I have opted for purchasing fewer, more intentional pieces rather than lots of decorations that will likely only last the one season.  For the outdoor decorations I purchased a bright purple mum and combined it with the pumpkins and gourds we bought at the pumpkin patch this year.  We haven’t carved the pumpkins yet, but in the next week or so we will carve…

  • Easy front porch fall decor
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    Simple Front Porch Decorating for Fall

    We are solidly into October now and I thought it would be fun to share the fall touches on our front porch.  Fall is my favorite season. It is the gatekeeper season of the holidays. As soon as the weather begins to cool, I am flooded with feelings of nostalgia and can’t wait to put up decorations and begin celebrating all the holidays!  When it comes to decorating for fall, look no further than the pumpkin patch. Plop a few pumpkins or funny looking gourds next to a pretty mum and you are set.  Finding Cozy Fall Colors Each year we visit a local pumpkin patch and select a few…

  • Moving into a new house
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    Moving To The New House!

    We have officially said farewell to our first home! It is time to move to our new house!! Everyone Is Ready for Our New House The other day Asher grabbed a small box and in it placed 3 handfuls of Hotwheel cars and various other small toys. He grabbed it and started dragging it to the door and said “I’m going to da new home. See you later”. Oh how I wish this process was that easy! We closed on our new house last Friday and gained possession on Monday. Our crew is tired and sore after a week of packing, moving, lifting, and cleaning. We are currently living in…

  • New house
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    Sharing Exciting News on Our New Home!

    I am so excited to share that we have a new home! We’ve bought a new house and also sold our current home! The Chaos of an Unexpected Purchase What I didn’t mention is that all of this happened in less than two weeks! You see it all started when I mentioned to the Hubs that we should meet with a realtor because houses were flying off the market in our area and I was worried we might miss out on the seller’s market. I wanted to meet with a realtor to set up a relationship and get their advice on what we should do to our current home to…

  • Creating a toddler room
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    Farewell Nursery, Hello Toddler Room

    Transforming the Nursery Happy mid-week folks! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Our weekend has been pretty productive as the hubs and I are working on transforming Asher’s useless nursery into a toddler room for him instead! A rough week or not, I was not letting go of our plans to pack up the car and make a day trip to the nearest IKEA. Like most woman in the world, I love Ikea! I slowly walk through the showroom, ‘ooh’-ing and ‘ahh’-ing at the cleverness and usefulness of all the setups and thinking to myself “I totally need that  (fill in the blank) because it will absolutely fine-tune…

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    Nursery [Before] and Progress

    The hubs and I were snowed in yesterday which ended up being a blessing because we were able to make great progress on Little Man’s nursery and we will share updates soon. In the meantime I thought I would catch you up on the nursery thus far. If you recall, the hubs and I were in love with elements of a nautical theme before we even found out what we were having. We decided if it was a little lad we’d go with a navy blue/white color scheme and if it was a little lady we do an aqua/grey/white color scheme. Well as you know we are expecting a little lad,…

  • nautical nursery ideas
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    Nautical Nursery Ideas

    I am so unbelievably excited about decorating our baby’s nursery. Pinterest is a black hole worth of ideas and I spend nearly every day on there pinning new ideas. Since we don’t know if the little one is a boy or a girl yet most of our ideas are just suggestions and colors will change depending on the sex.  I knew, even before I was pregnant, that I wanted our baby’s nursery to have clean lines, bold colors, and nontraditional nursery decor items. The hubs and I agreed almost immediately on a nautical theme for this little one’s room, boy or girl.  I love the use of the sailor’s wheel,…

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    Under The Bathroom Cabinet

    This week we will begin diving into organizational projects in the home. Now I like to think of myself as a pretty organized individual, but I will admit even in my house there are places that haven’t been given much attention since the day we moved in. The goal this week is to give a bit of TLC to one of the most commonly neglected spaces in the household….the bathroom cabinet. Today, with this post, I am wearing my shame proudly as I show you evidence of what our master bathroom cabinet looked like until today. The truth is, even though I knew it needed to be cleaned and organized,…

  • Front door decor
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    Easy, DIY Front Door Decor

    There are plenty of awesome things about owning a home, but I think my most favorite is the ever-changing front door decor. Having lived in our home for only 10 months I haven’t taken advantage of all the possible options, but here are front door decor crafts of 2012. 1. Monogram: I love using the M of our last name to decorate and the front door is a great place to display it. This “M” was an afternoon project and consisted of a $4 paper mache letter from Joann’s, cotton yarn in grey (I am loving all shades of grey these days), and ribbon I had leftover from a previous…