• Easy front porch fall decor
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    Simple Front Porch Decorating for Fall

    We are solidly into October now and I thought it would be fun to share the fall touches on our front porch.  Fall is my favorite season. It is the gatekeeper season of the holidays. As soon as the weather begins to cool, I am flooded with feelings of nostalgia and can’t wait to put up decorations and begin celebrating all the holidays!  When it comes to decorating for fall, look no further than the pumpkin patch. Plop a few pumpkins or funny looking gourds next to a pretty mum and you are set.  Finding Cozy Fall Colors Each year we visit a local pumpkin patch and select a few…

  • Toddler Easter Fun
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    Easter 2016: Toddler Edition

    So it might be a Friday and I might just now be getting around to finally publishing our Easter recap. Whoops, but hey it happens. This year we started our celebration off with dinner with the hub’s family on Saturday evening. The night included a small egg hunt for Asher which he loved. Come Sunday morning I was woken up early by a cute little boy demanding pancakes (he got waffles). We didn’t head to church but Asher and I did read our Easter book. I am not sure how much he absorbed but he points out Jesus in the book so I will call it a success. Before long…

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    Valentine’s Day 2016

    Valentine’s day started uber early this year with a 6:15 wake up call from our tiny tot. Where he gets this “morning person” nonsense is beyond me, I tell you it wasn’t from me. I will admit I was super excited to give Asher his Valentine and treats. He has been OBSESSING over the “oooshin” [ocean] and “whaalles” [whales] for weeks now and so we got him a Schleich blue whale and dolphin and I couldn’t wait for his reaction. So sleepily and while the son was still set, we showed Asher his new goodies. He doesn’t understand Valentine’s Day at all but he was really excited and even insisted his “whaaallle” ate breakfast…

  • Easy and fun Valentines day craft for kids
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    Valentines Day Toddler Craft

    Valentines day is a personal favorite of mine and combined with my love for crafting I decided to try my hand at a craft with our toddler this week. Supplies A blank canvas of any size. I chose a larger size because I knew I wanted to display it Painters tape. This will be used to block off your word or design of choice. Paint. I used craft paint and was careful to make sure he didn’t put it in his mouth. I went this route mainly because the children’s finger paint seems to be runny and doesn’t provide much actual color on a canvas. Dropcloth or protective liner. We…

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    Christmas 2013

    I am a little late to this holiday update [per the usual] but for good reason this time. We just finished up our Christmas celebration two days ago so I have been waiting until all the festivities were finished to post about it. This holiday season snuck up on me faster than any others in recent memory, but I still really enjoyed this last week of celebrations with friends and family. Hope you enjoy my picture walk-through our holiday fun. Our silver and white Christmas tree equipped with the hubs favorite holiday decor piece…the train! Handmade stockings for my little family! Kraft paper wrapped Christmas gifts are my favorite! The…

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    My Late Thanksgiving Recap

    I am roughly 3 days behind the rest of the blog world with my “Thanksgiving Recap” but hey, I’m pregnant and it takes time to recover from a 4 day Holiday weekend. This Thanksgiving we spent the day at my family’s. I love getting to go home and be in the country again. It is so much more peaceful out here.   This year I was horrible at taking pictures and only captured this picture of my adorable little nephew. I know I’m carrying what I will think is the cutest babe in the world but this little man is so cute. I mean look at those chubby cheeks!! Even…

  • Happy Halloween
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    Happy Halloween

    This Halloween was filled with rain, rain, and more rain. Oh yea and high winds and threat of tornadoes so needless to say we had zero trick or treaters. But no worries the hubs and I filled the night with some good ol’ scary movie watching. Though the day’s weather was a bust I enjoyed some Halloween festivities including some adorable tiny trick or treaters. My gym had the daycare kids decked out in adorable costumes running about the facility gathering candy from different departments. They were so cute and now my mom-to-be hormones are running in overdrive and I am so unbelievably excited to dress our babe up next…

  • Christmas Decoration Ideas
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    Christmas Decoration Ideas 2012

    I am so excited to share with you my Christmas decorations from this year! Let me begin by saying my husband is a saint for dealing with me during the Holidays. As a first time homeowner, I was beyond excited to spill Christmas cheer all over the house. So to you oh-hubby of mine… thank you for climbing up on our roof to put up those lights.   Christmas Decoration Home Tour Let me take you on a virtual holiday walkthrough of our home. Our front door is decorated with my very first Christmas wreath. I decorated our front table with our Christmas card display and hubby tried his hand…