• Create a gift for mom after the birth of her baby. Help mom heal with a selection of helpful products and treats.
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    Post-Partum Gift Basket

    Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are really, truly very beautiful things! BUT they can also be messy and no part is messier than the first few weeks post-partum (am I right veteran moms?!) When a close friend was expecting her first little one I wanted to get her a gift that would be useful for HER. So often the blessing of gifts are poured over the baby and not so much mom and I wanted this to be something for her to use and enjoy. I put together a small basket of goodies I found useful in the days after my kiddos were born. The Post-Partum Basket Here’s the low-down on…

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    Nursery Crafts Sneak Peak

    I am a lover of all things craft related, so I am sure it comes at no surprise that I wanted to add a few DIY touches to little man’s nursery. I have been so excited to share with each of you a sneak peak of the details for the nursery. So here is a glimpse of a few things I have been working on.

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    Wedding Crafts: Monogrammed Aisle Runner

    Creating a monogrammed aisle runner is a simple way to jazz up the plain ol’ white-roll aisle runners and add color and personality to your wedding. To begin you’ll need the following supplies: Wax paper Tape to hold down wax paper Paint in the colors of your choice. I used acrylic paint from Joann’s and paint brushes of various sizes. An enlarged copy of whatever you plan to paint on the aisle runner. We used the M that was incorporated onto all of our wedding stationary. We went to Fedex and for less than $5.00 they enlarged it to fit the aisle runner. Number 2 pencil (I advise against mechanical…

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    4.27.12 Recap

    I cannot believe the wedding has come and gone, but alas it has and I am now a wife and I couldn’t be happier. To say that the wedding events went flawless would be, well, untrue, but I will say that everything finally came together and we had a wonderful ceremony and reception. So if you have a minute, sit back and enjoy the recap…… Before I begin let me just say one thing….I operate well under some pressure, but too much pressure and this little lady cracks! So to begin let me remind you that less than two months ago my wonderful husband (then fiance) and I purchased and…

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    Wedding Crafts: Wedding Invitations

    In the midst of buying a house, packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning…..etc. my fiance and I have finally finished and mailed out our wedding invitations. We began the process of making our own invitations pretty early on. I purchased all the supplies from Hobby Lobby while they were having a 6 sheets for $1.00 cardstock sale. I snagged up their entire inventory as well as put in an order for more. We used creative memories scrapbooking tools to do the cutting, Envelopemall.com to purchase the envelopes, clear Avery labels and a laser jet printer for labels, and glue runners to assemble the pieces. Then inspiration for our invites came from this…

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    DIY Wedding Advice

    So today I was at Micheals purchasing some last minute pieces for our wedding when a woman stopped me and asked if I was much of a DIY bride and when I responded “oh yes!” she then asked me if I did save the dates and if so where? how much? etc. I preceded to share with her my successes and failures as a DIY bride and thankfully she seemed to get some good advice. This encounter has led me to this post. For some it will be a wall of words, but for those of you who read it, I hope you get some good tips to smooth your…

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    Wedding Crafts: Garters round 2 and Here Comes the Bride Sign

    So we are officially through all the paperwork and mumbo jumbo of house buying and now we are 28 days away from moving into our very own home! I still can’t believe we are home owners!! I am still so very excited about this and am looking forward to moving in at the end of February. Packing on the other hand….not looking forward to that. With the house stuff settling down I was finally able to get back on to work on wedding stuff and had a pretty productive weekend. I finalized the menu with the caterer, order the remaining supplies for the invites, spent 2 hours without blinking to…

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    Wedding Crafts: Large Decorative Monogram

    My latest project was inspired by something I found on Pinterest. I must say this site is the most addicting thing since Facebook. I seriously spent 3 hours pinning things one night. It is crazy. But I love it because I find awesome ideas like this one. Making this was super easy and super affordable. The plan is to sit it on our guest book table at the reception and then later somewhere in our house. It is covered in pictures from all aspects of our relationship over the last 5 years. Supplies:Large cardboard letter from Joann’s- $4.50Modge-Podge- $4.00Black and white pictures of various sizes printed onto regular computer paper.…

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    Wedding Crafts: Card Box

    I purchased these square boxes from Joann fabrics using a coupon they were only $9.00. First step I cut a hole between the middle and bottom box. This will be the place where the cards will fall. Then I used hot glue to glue the lids to the top and middle boxes shut. The only lid that comes off is the bottom box lid. Then I glued all the boxes together.  Next I painted each of the boxes. Since my colors are orange and aqua I chose white as the color for the boxes and I accented in my colors. Once they were painted I added ribbon and pearls around…