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    Birth Story of Baby Amelia Part Two

    Read part one here. Just before 4 am the Hubs and I said farewell to my mom and our sleeping babies and loaded up into the car. We texted my doula and called my doctor and let them know we were on our way to the hospital. For all you mamas that have labored in the car, you can attest to the fact that IT. BLOWS! The 25ish minutes it took to get the hospital were excruciating! Sitting was not comfortable and my contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes. We didn’t have time to remove Ellery’s rear-facing car seat and couldn’t lay the seat back. We arrived at the hospital…

  • VBAC birth story
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    My Healing VBAC Baby Birth Story – Part One

    I can hardly believe that the healing VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth of our littlest love was over eight weeks ago?! Where, oh where, does time go. The truth is three kiddos has me all sorts of busy! But none the less, we are here and I am excited to share our story. It has been a whirlwind of incredible proportions these last eight weeks. We have been soaking up all that is our newest addition and working to settle into a new routine as a family of five. Wanting Something Different To get a better understanding of what led me to the journey of a VBAC birth, read…

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    Ellery’s Birth Story: Part 3

    Read Ellery’s Birth Story Parts one and Part two Once we were back in our room Ellery and I had our first nursing session. It was beautiful and she took to it like a champ. She nursed, unlatched, and fell right to sleep. While I was enjoying these first moments with my little lady, the nurse informed us that the doctor found signs of an unexplained uterine infection when she was completing the c-section. This infection, we later came to learn, is known as Chorioamnionitis, and is one of the leading causes of stillborn babies. Because of Ellery’s exposure to this infection, she would need to undergo a prophylactic antibiotic…

  • birth story part two
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    Welcome, Ellery! Birth Story Part 2

    If you haven’t had a chance please read part one here.  Caution: The following includes details of my daughter’s unexpectedly scary entrance into this world which includes mention of infant loss.  We loaded the car up with our bags and headed off to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital a bit before six and we were taken back to labor and delivery triage and hooked up to monitors. We were the only ones there and overall the night seemed pretty quiet. The atmosphere was light and the nurse was super friendly and I tried to focus on the thoughts that everything would be okay and that we would be hearing a heartbeat soon and…

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    Welcome Ellery! Birth Story Part One

    I know I am a bit late on getting this posted but it is crazy around here and finding time to blog has been nearly impossible. The adventure of getting our little lady in our arms was nearly a 180 from what we had expected and it has taken some time to process. So without anymore waiting here is the story of how we got our little Ellery Charlotte Friday the 13th The day started like any other typical Friday, we were up early, dressed and fed the tot, and it was off to daycare before I returned home to start my own work day. On my way to the daycare,…

  • birth story part 2
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    Asher’s Birth Story Part Two

    If you haven’t read part one you can do so here. We arrived at the hospital and were quickly admitted and settled into our room. [p.s: laboring in a car, even for the short distance I had to, has to be one of the most awful and hilarious things I have ever experienced.] The start was a little rocky when I had to have my hep-lock placed. We arrived right at shift change and we were settled into our room by one nurse who started everything but a different nurse arrived twenty minutes later to actually place the line. She apparently wasn’t keen on the site the first nurse chose…

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    The Arrival of Our Little Man: Asher’s Birth Story Part One

    I don’t know if the words I type here will adequately describe the birth of my beautiful baby boy and the day I became a mother. If you’re in a hurry this isn’t the post for you as I just don’t think I can cut short the events that led to his arrival, but if you have a minute (or 5) here’s how it all happened… Birth Story Beginnings The fun began on Thursday, April 3rd. Baby M’s due date had come and gone and I had decided that it was time to attempt naturally moving things along. So it was off to the gym where I spent the next…