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Bumpdate: 4 months

If you haven’t yet had the chance please read months 2 and 3 which were posted yesterday in a desperate attempt to finally catch up.

Today I am 17 weeks, but it’s close enough to the 4 month mark, right?

How Far Along: 4 months
Feeling Physically: Great! Nausea is gone and I am finally sleeping better!
Feeling Mentally: Good as well. Now that everyone knows I can finally talk about it.

Maternity Clothes: I had to break out the ol’ maternity clothes. Sadly though they are too big so it looks like I will either be in yoga pants forever (I wish) or I am going to be doing some shopping soon.
Sleep: I still get random nights where I can’t fall asleep but not as bad as before
Missing Anything: Being motivated to work out. Between toddler wrangling, working full time, and holiday prep, I have fallen face first off the fitness bandwagon and need to desperately get back on board.
Food Cravings: Nothing specific but surprisingly I am having aversions to chocolate which is against everything I am!
Gender: Still leaning girl, though a friend told me there is no way I could be having a girl if I am hating chocolate because every girl loves chocolate!
Labor signs: none.
Wedding rings on or off: still on.
Looking Forward to: Christmas!
Exercise regimen: Let’s not talk about it.
Difference from 1st pregnancy: Aside from feeling like a giant truck this early, I am feeling human again so all is pretty much the same
Favorite part so far: Sharing the news with family. We had Asher wear a “Big Brother” shirt and see how long it took people to figure it out. The best was my sister, who I got on camera. She wasn’t happy she still had her hair in a towel and begged me to re-record after she was ready. 

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