First Day of Preschool

My First Baby Is Starting Pre-K

The time has come. I am officially a mom with a kiddo in ‘school’. It may only be three days a week for less than three hours but he takes a book bag and has teachers, so we’re calling it!

This new chapter is a bittersweet reminder that time is a cruel beast and our babies must grow up. In the weeks leading up to his first day I have struggled with an array of emotions. While I have tried working through these feelings of sadness and bittersweet excitement for him, I have spent countless nights reminiscing over the last four years. While looking over old pictures, I have recounted the countless adventures we’ve had together and prayed that I have been enough for my sweet boy. 

First day of preschool

We started the day with a sweet snuggle session to wake up where I silently cried over my little baby who isn’t so little anymore. After heading downstairs we ate cinnamon rolls and snuggled on the couch before dressing and taking a million pictures that will surely seem like overkill. As one does when their first kiddos starts school, I made sure to overly celebrate every moment! I am guilty of the sugary, hot breakfast treat, the pictures with his book bag and holding an adorable sign, over-analyzing drop off line etiquette, snapping more pictures as he went to his classroom, and finally crying in the car on the way home.

I am so proud and in awe of my sweet boy! He marched into the hands of his teacher, his over sized, empty book bag bobbling on his legs. His hair was styled, he was wearing a new shirt, and he had an excited grin plastered on his face. I am certain he felt like a million bucks! He displayed so much confidence my own nerves were eased. Even at only four years old he has shown me a confidence and assertiveness I envy and I pray he always maintains these traits.

After drop off, we went to the library, just the hubs, me, and Miss Ellery. It was a strange feeling being with just her. Since her birth we have only had one day I can recall of her doing an activity, just her. I think it will be fun to start spending some one on one time with her. I will always love and cherish my time with both kiddos and I love watching them play together, but there is something special about watching her make choices and take the lead instead of falling in line behind Asher.

Finally it was time for pick-up and we couldn’t wait to hear all about his morning. His teacher shared that he already seems to love school and shared with the class all that he knows. We couldn’t help but chuckle because anyone that knows Asher, knows he is a box of random knowledge and he loves to share what he has learned with anyone who is willing to listen.

He shared with us that he was picked to be the snack time helper and that he loved playing basketball with his new ‘friends’. His excitement to go back on Monday has me feeling like he is really going to love this new chapter and great things will come from it. 

It isn’t easy knowing my kiddo has started the journey that will one day lead to graduation and a life of his own, but they say we aren’t meant to keep them in our nest but rather give them the confidence to fly free. Now by no means is he aloud to fly anytime soon, but I am happy that his first little hop from the nest is one he seems to love. ui

first day of preschool

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