Construction themed birthday party
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2 Year Old Construction Birthday Party

It feels far to official now…I am the mother of a two year old! Over the weekend we had his official birthday party. I waited until mid-month because I was hoping to have better weather so we could move the party outside and we were very blessed with B-E-A-utiful weather this weekend!

The party theme this year was construction based on my son’s love of all forms of construction equipment. I really wanted to make it as eventful for Asher as I could so after he went to sleep Friday night I hung all the decorations and when he woke up Saturday morning he was so excited! He kept pointing to each picture and telling me what each machine was. Remembering to take pictures of all the details isn’t a always a strength of mine but here are a few I snapped before guests arrived. We also used caution tape here and there but of course I have no pictures of that part.

Since we were blessed with such great weather I also set up sand and water table in the backyard. 
When it came to Asher’s cake, I decided to attempt making it myself. Now I am in no way a baker but I figured if it ended up looking bad I could just throw a construction toy over the mistake and BAM, it fits the theme. Along with the chocolate on chocolate cake, I also made some cupcakes for the non-choco lovers. Easy enough. 
As soon as Asher saw construction toys on his cake he assumed it was solely for playing and I had to race to cut slices for guests to eat before he “dug in da dirt” too much. Crazy thing is, my kid didn’t even eat a bite. He played until he was unable to handle being sticky and then it was off to play elsewhere. 
The day was filled with fun and sun and I was so happy to be able to spend time with our nearest and dearest friends and family. But now time can slow down for a bit…

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